About Us

After years of experience in the Enterprise Systems and R&D groups of a major data management firm, we discovered that there was a opportunity to migrate expensive data processing from mainframe computers to high performance Unix and Windows servers.

We set out to migrate work from our mainframe computers to lower cost, high performance Unix and Windows machines.

The primary flaw with this initiative was the fact that the Unix and Windows platforms lacked some of the most basic software utilities that were part of the standard mainframe offerings. For example, the standard Windows sort Utility was limited to 64k of data. The Unix sort utility only support text data files.

The Unix and Windows platforms were in desperate need of a high performance Sort/Merge utility that functioned like like the ones available on the mainframes.

It would be necessary for this program to be able to efficiently sort and merge datasets exceeding terabytes of data.

Upon recognition of these shortcomings, the basis of our company was established.

After years of commitment to the task of bringing high performace, Enterprise Class Sorting capabilities to the Unix and Windows markets, we are proud to offer the AHLSORT™ product to clients all over the world.