Sort Big Data

Sort, Merge, Transform, Join big files on Windows, Unix and Linux.

Enterprise Power on All Platforms

The AHLSORT software can SORT, MERGE, TRANSFORM and JOIN data allowing you to leverage data between legacy and modern computing platforms.

Our software allows you to seamlessly process data from IBM-Z, Windows, Linux and Unix platforms.

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Latest News

2022-02-18: New examples for Pipe Delimited Input Files Delimited and Enclosed

2022-01-06: New examples for OUTREC and INREC CHANGE

2021-11-26: AHLSORT v14r3-227 Released

This version includes support for the ICETOOL VERIFY Operation

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Sort Terabyte-sized sets of data for more efficient downstream processing

Many legacy and modern data types are supported such as EBCDIC and ASCII Character, Packed Decimal, Zoned Decimal and more.


Convert legacy data such as EBCDIC and Packed Decimal to ASCII

Eliminate Duplicate Records

Summarize numeric data based on key fields


Join massive sequential data files on common fields and output combined records

Summarize and Rank output data for further processing